Application 5.1- Measuring Your Conflict Style

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Application 5.1- Measuring your Conflict Style Person A Husband Person B Writing team at work 1. 2/3 I avoid being “put on the spot”; I keep conflicts to myself. 2. 4/3 I use my influence to get my ideas accepted. 3. 4/4 I usually try to “split the difference” in order to resolve an issue. 4. 3/4 I generally try to satisfy the other’s needs. 5. 4/4 I try to investigate an issue to find a solution acceptable to us. 6. 3/4 I usually avoid open discussion of my differences with the other. 7. 4/2 I use my authority to make a decision in my favor. 8. 3/4 I try to find a middle course to resolve an impasse. 9. 3/4 I usually accommodate the other’s wishes. 10. 3/3 I try to integrate my ideas with the other’s to come up with a decision…show more content…
2/4 17. 4/3 18. 4/3 19. 3/3 20. 5/5 21. 3/5 22. 3/3 23. 5/5 24. 5/5 25. 5/3 Avoidance 13/20 Competition 18/14 Compromise 19/19 Accommodation 17/20 Collaboration 22/20 Question 2: What is it about the two situations that prompts me to use different styles? I think the major differences are that one person is my husband and the other people are work employees. With my husband, I can be open and honest and know, at the end of the day, he will not judge me or punish me for my opinion and thoughts whereas at work, I need to be careful about what I say, who I might offend and what the consequences might be. At home, with my husband, any conflict we have, I know needs to be addressed and addressed in a way where I am confronting him immediately and being completely honest. I can use the words I wish to use as they come to me and can say exactly what I am feeling without sugar coating it. At work, with my coworkers, any conflict that occurs, I must strategically think about how to address the conflict, when to address it and the process that will occur after addressing the conflict. At my work, we have a system that we use with our patients when coaching them to speak in front of a crowd; for every one negative comment, you must support that with two positive comments and you must always begin with a positive comment sandwiched between the negative comments. Therefore, this is how I believe you should approach
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