Application And Application Of Crowdsensing Application

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1. Introduction
Nowadays, most of the mobile devices equipped with variety of different sensors such as positioning sensors (GPS), accelerometers, light sensors , gyroscope sensor and so on. Moreover, the growth in the popularity of mobile devices and also advances in communication and processing technologies, provide opportunity for creating a new platform to sense different attributes of environment in large scale areas without requiring any infrastructure which called crowdsensing in the literature[1].
Crowdsensing application consists of two major functionality. The first function is using the mobile sensors to sense the environmental attributes and the second one is sending the sensed data to the server by using some communication technology such as wireless network. Unfortunately those aforementioned functionalities consume considerable amount of battery. On the other hand, crowdsensing application can only works properly if a large number of people participate in it. Obviously a significance impact on user’s experience due to using crowdsensing application can prevent users from participating in the system.
There are a number of works done regarding to optimizing crowdsensing application that we will talk about it in the next chapter precisely. Most of the works in this field focused on reducing the energy consumption of sensing task by applying efficient sampling algorithm. Also plenty of researches tackle the energy consumption of communication between mobile

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