Application And Codes Of Practice

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Developing professional identity is a lifetime process that starts of with an individual’s expectations of themselves in their profession and gets altered as they start experiencing new things in their discipline. This relates to many careers including nursing. Nursing is a profession where an individual provides care for patients. In this discipline, many factors contribute to their professional identity such as quality of care and service to following codes and ethics. The organisations that set standards and guidelines for nursing is key part in the creation of this profession 's professional identity. These are specifically set to ensure patients receive the best quality of care and service. To also ensure that the set standards, guidelines and code of practices are withheld, the agencies monitor nurses and midwives to make sure that care and service provided are proper. Agencies that set these standards, guidelines and codes of practice play a key role in professional identity, as these are the rules that helps to create professional identity which distinguishes it apart from the various identities everyone uses in everyday lives. Professional identity in relation to health and human service delivery can be defined as a form of social identity which involves an individual’s attitudes, values knowledge, beliefs and skills which guide them to fulfil the aspects and tasks of a functioning nurse and/or midwife. This involves the self-concept of one feeling as a nurse and
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