Application And Cost Estimation Before Building Essay

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Technology in Architecture
Architecture is the art of planning and designing of a space or a building so as to suite a certain function or a technical use. To do this one requires creativity and experience in the manipulation of materials and coordinating these materials using technology to build the several parts of a building. The architect has to consider the scheduling and cost estimation before building. The behavior of the building during different climatic changes must also be considered. It should be able to withstand strong winds or very high temperatures. Throughout the years new designs for building have been invented and new materials have been discovered. Before man could build a house he lived in caves. Through the advancement of technology as he evolved, building became more appealing and better built. There is no doubt that technology helps in advancing architecture. Architectural designs have also come a long way, in that they get better by the years. However, in the 21st century, various building and design software are created to help architectures and engineers in drawing and balancing of materials.
In the 19th century, building and design was done using pen and paper, where a designer or architect would have to draw the building so as to make a blueprint. There were not so many materials to go on and so an architect had to consider the durability in that the building had to be in good condition after a long period of time.
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