Application And Integration Of Knowledge

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1. APPLICATION/INTEGRATION OF KNOWLEDGE a. Skills Medical asepsis: I used medical asepsis by properly hand washing for at least 15 minutes using antimicrobial soap, using alcohol based hand-rub, utilizing gloves when appropriate, and handling linens in a way that reduces transmission of microorganisms. I wash my hand or apply hand-rub and wear gloves before administering medications, giving bath or shower to the patient, making bed, and during physical contact if the patient has a skin breakdown. I also disinfect shower chairs with a disinfectant, discard soiled linens separately in bag and transport it to its designated place, and Inspect if the new linen is clean and dry. Appropriate body mechanics: I use appropriate body mechanics during bed making or giving bed bath by putting put the bed up to the level that is comfortable to me, so I won’t hurt my back. I keep soiled linen away from my body to prevent contamination. I also avoid leaning my body while proving treatment, keep the patient close to my body when moving the patient, use assistive device, and ask for help from my class mates. Scientific rational: According to Potter (2013), “scientific rational is the reason why a specific nursing action was chosen based on supporting literature” (p. 245). It should be based on current evidence based practice. For example, a scientific rational for using medical asepsis is for effective prevention and control of infection by reducing and eliminating microorganisms by using
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