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Software Defined Networking: Google 's 'B4 ' SDN
Dhruv Bhatia
Illinois Tech ABSTRACT
Software Defined Networking or SDN is an emerging paradigm in the computer networking world that attempts to build a computer network by essentially separating it into two systems, the control plane and the data plane. The separation effectively makes it possible to write a single high level program to control the behavior of an entire network. This allows a network operator to potentially write programs to more easily secure, manage or troubleshoot the networks. SDN has gained tremendous momentum and six of the world 's largest networks are supporting it, Google 's 'B4 ' network being one of them. In this paper, I highlight the
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These traffic patterns would cause very high demands for a particular resources that they could not meet with the existing network infrastructure. So they had two choices, either scale the network infrastructure to meet the peaks, which is very expensive and leading to networks being under-utilized, or you build your network in such a way that it can reconfigure itself automatically to cope with those peaks and channel the resources to meet the appropriate demand. This is what SDN does.
There are only a few significant implementations of Software Defined Networking that exists today. One of those few is Google 's B4 SDN. This research further describes the framework that Google has developed for their migration methods personified by a group of target networks which includes the traditional network migration requirements, target network core requirement, phased migration requirement and finally validation requirements to ensure a complete and successful network migration to SDN.

2. Client-Server Connection in SDN
A software defined network attempts to build a computer network by separating it into two systems. The first system is the control plane which provides performance and fault management via NetFlow, IPFIX, SNMP and other standard protocols. It typically handles configuration management of the SDN compliant devices and understands the network topology. Loaded with these
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