Application And Significance Of Pi

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Pi, a number older than the Great Wall of China, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Roman Colosseum, has been a number that has triggered my fascination since a young age. Pi, is an irrational number that is not only an infinite decimal, but it is also non-repeating (Baroody, 2002). I often find myself pondering the applications of Pi and its significance in mathematics. Sure, Pi is definitely a popular number in modern culture, it has been the central theme of numerous film adaptations, but what makes this number such an important number that all students around the world have to learn about? What makes Pi so integral to mathematics that other numbers cannot replace it? Therefore, the rationale behind this mathematics investigation is to satisfy my own queries about this unique number and to broaden my knowledge of Pi. This investigation will thus aim to identify the application and significance of Pi in mathematics but due to the extensive influence Pi has in mathematics, this investigation will focus specifically on Pi’s application in the fields of calculus, trigonometry, topics that fall within the standard level mathematics syllabus, but also differential geometry, a topic that is not in the standard level mathematics syllabus to broaden my knowledge of pi.
History and Properties of :

The concept of pi has been known to humans for centuries. Its relationship with circles meant early civilizations also had ideas about the number P (Crilly, 2007). The…

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