Application And Understanding Of Economics

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One requirement for any student taking a microeconomics class is to complete an end-of-the-semester writing assignment. This assignment asks students to find five different articles from recent news and analyze them in accordance with the various microeconomics topics discussed over the course of the semester. This writing assignment in particular does not necessarily challenge the art of writing, but rather, challenges the application and understanding of economics. Yes, writing is a key component in the assignment, but the professor does not what the students’ focuses to be on argumentative strength or in depth writing. Rather, the professor seeks that students grasp the somewhat complicated nature of economics, more specifically those relating to kairotic events in the field, and be able to relay that in analytical writing. One of the greatest challenges of this assignment will be for students to analyze and relate the event and information back to their own lives. For one, the students will have to be knowledgeable enough in the topics discussed in class. For the most part, the concepts aren’t hard to grasp, but being able to analyze them in a way not strictly given to them might prove to be difficult. One important criteria of the assignment, is that all of the articles chosen must be related to one of the indicated microeconomics topics and all articles must relate to different topics. This is to expand the students’ knowledges of understanding of the many different
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