Application And Web Application For Nutritionists And Dietitians

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INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction: Android application and web application for nutritionists and dietitians is a project designed and developed in a way that all the dietitians and nutritionists can use this application at their work as they do it on a regular day to day basis because the design of the application is in such a way that we have digitalized or changed their regular work flow process in to this application and this application is not only supposed for the registered dietitians or nutritionists but can also be used by the intern students who are taking the dietitians course. 1.2 Motivation: The main motivation for the project comes from a lack of usage of mobile technology in the field of dietetics and nutrition. The dietitians have a hard time in calculating the energy, fluid and protein needs for their patients, all the dietitians use a book called “Pocket Resource for Nutrition Assessment” which is published by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Dietitians use this pocket resource for doing all the energy, fluid and protein calculations for their patients by hand and also dietitians need to memorize all the formulas for the corresponding calculations to do it by hand. So after a thorough research and a few meetings with Dr. Elaine Molaison, a Registered Dietitian and professor in Department of Nutrition and Food Systems, The University of Southern Mississippi, and some other professors and dietitians, we came up with an idea of creating a mobile

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