Application Applications For Application Software Essay

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1. Introduction

 Application is program (Software) that is designed to perform specific task. Application software are grouped into two categories. They are either System software or application software. System software system it has low-level programs that coordinate activities running on the devices and Application it includes all programs that are primarily design to control how the System is designed to function. Application software are programs such as database system software programs, Spreadsheets, etc. They are different categories of applications such as educational software, Content Access software ,Media software development, Enterprise software ,Enterprise infrastructure software, Information worker software
2. Microsoft Access (Android)

 What does the app do?
Microsoft Access is the software that is designed for Different futures for Database needs .It’s used to develop multiple Applications Such as Web application, Departmental Applications ,Corporation-wide applications, Front –end applications for enterprise wide client/server databases, Access as a Development platform for personal applications .Access is the software for database management system that is used for Producing reports for the database system and to retrieve all information within the database system. Access it’s used to create tables and it uses queries to manipulate the data. For example if you having a business and you want to keep track of your employees’ salaries, working days,
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