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Week 2 Application Assignment: Gestalt Therapy

7.1 Defining the Core Constructs of Gestalt Therapy.

When Helen reclaims her seat as Helen in the experiment, the therapist asks her to respond to her mother. What evidence do you see that would indicate that Helen has polarized thinking around her mother's expectations of her?
Helen feel anger, pain, fear, or hurt but never show it, she internalize her pain and kept it inside. The therapist asks her to respond to her mother Sara, the anger she feels for her mom. Helen respond to her mother by saying to her mother that she can’t stop being there for her Helen feels disconnected from her mother. When she goes back to her seat she tells her mother she wanted her to feel please about
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I think Helen is more made at her father and is taking this out on her mother, maybe she feels like the mother should have demand her father be there for the family. I think Helen is reflecting anger towards her mother but she is really upset with her father, it seems like she is upset that her father has a good relationship with her siblings and the grandchildren when he wasn’t there for her and her siblings she feels he doesn’t deserve to have the good relationship with everyone when he wasn’t there when they was coming up in their childhood. Helen she feels the mother was there for her and her sibling but everyone thinks the mother is the one with the issues but she was the one that was there for them and the father wasn’t. I think she is having problems with the choice she chose to be angry with the mother but I think she is angry with the mother because she feels the mother should of made a better choice to make her father be in their lives more coming up but she seems like she is placing blame on her mother for her past when she is really is upset with her father.
7.2 Conceptualizing A Case using From a Gestalt Perspective (note that this is under Building Skills, not Assignments and Activities)

What need is not being met in Helen's world?
Helen has a need to find out what happen in her past with her relationship with her mother. Helen feels she

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