Application Developer vs Software Developer

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Application developers versus Smart Phone developers
In this new mobile platform world, app developers are the new kingmakers. Not a day goes by when someone doesn 't introduce their own app store. As the world of mobile apps continues to gain importance in our lives, the space will continue to be ruled by app devlopers .In many ways, it’s a good way of moneymaking opportunities for independent app developers as well as big companies.
Software developers make effective software. It is an engineering endeavor that cannot be extracted from the context and systems with which it interoperates. The heart of a good software solution is not in turning the functional specification into code but rather in the use of available resources such as
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Keep An Open Mind: For continuous improvement of a group/division of a company, the leader of an organization must be open to new ideas. Ask for opinions and feedback from both customers and team members and your group/company will continue to grow.
Meet Obligations: Regardless of the circumstances, do everything in your power to gain the trust of past customers and clients, particularly if something has gone awry. Reclaim any lost business by honoring all commitments and obligations.
Establish action development teams: Action development implements the organization’s strategy while developing leadership culture and talent. Teams of senior and high-potential leaders tackle mission-critical, complex challenges identified by the business strategy. They learn to work across boundaries, with explicit sponsorship and coaching, while developing new and better ways of working together.
Become Community Involved: Remain involved in community-related issues and activities, thereby demonstrating that your business is a responsible community contributor. In other words, stay involved.

3. How power can gain and lost?
As everyone knows Apple lost the PC wars to Microsoft, and only nominally understands that when Apple created the iPod and then the iPhone, the company started to go in a new direction. How does Apple get ahead of other competitors? It’s their creativity that helped them to stay at least two years ahead of their competitors. Also,
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