Application Efficiencies, Not Harder, By Reviewing My Work Before Approval

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Key Result 1 Every day I examine process efficiencies, looking for opportunities as it relates to “Added Value” to work smarter, not harder, by reviewing my work before approval. I continue to attend pre-closing meetings and collaborate with other departments to meet a common goal that is to ensure facilities are properly documented and letters of credit are issued timely. This helps me build trusted relationships, by cultivating a positive work environment as the trusted advisor in Trade Services. Customers feel comfortable coming to me for questions and concerns. Customers appreciate the extra care and time that I give them. I assumed greater leadership, taking on the role of mentoring peers in Trade Services. Key Result 2 When processing more difficult letter of credit requests, I seek out opportunities to engage other associates, relationship managers, in house counsel or outside counsel to identify potential issues before the transactions are completed. Reviewing all documentation related to the L/C processes begins with the credit reports, DMS and the applications. I keep peers updated on pending items. This allows internal controls to mitigate bank risk, to ensure consistency and to prevent errors. This allows me to issue the letters of credit timely and in accordance with all standard banking practices. Always keeping in mind to adhere to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and uphold the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). I assisted internal audit with the

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