Application Essay For Master 's Program

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Topic: Application essay for master’s program in Public health.
A master’s degree in Public health is an educational core which allows an individual to expertise and use the art and science of preventing diseases, prolonging lives as well as promoting society health. This is mainly done through organized efforts and informed society choices, communities, organizations and individuals. I am currently interested in pursuing a master’s degree in this course because am so much concerned with health threats that are based on the population health analysis. I also find this career path appropriate because I will be able to deal with several health dimensions which encompass a state of comprehensive mental, physical and social well-being and not merely disease absence. This career is also fully packed with advancements and a great earning potential. In addition, I will be able to help several lives in the society that need services regarding this sector as I sharpen my leadership skills further and widen my scope of knowledge and skills in medical field as well as the managerial field.
I completed my bachelor’s degree in the University of Connecticut. Storrs, Ct in Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences which is a minor in physiology in the year 2016. The degree subject aided me in studying a number of essential topics which are of great significance in the medicine field such as cell biology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and ecology. I can use these topics of prominence

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