Application Essay: Healthcare In The United States

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For more than a few years, I have not only been passionately curious and more than interested, but even completely intrigued, by the many facets of healthcare in the United States. Little did I know that playing doctor as a young child would be the start of a curiosity that would later become the compelling focus of my educational and scholastic pursuits. Healthcare in today’s world can be provided at a variety of financial and technological levels, which can translate, but does not have to, into different levels of quality along the continuum of healthcare. Some of things that pique my curiosity are the amount of technology and scientific research that is available in the United States that focuses entirely on new or improved treatments,…show more content…
My interest and curiosity are mostly focused on being able to diagnose quickly and efficiently the: needs, illnesses, or perhaps diseases of an individual, and recommend and provide the most current and advanced treatment that ensures them the quickest route to overall health and well-being. My passion and curiosity on these issues has been formed, reinforced, and refined by numerous factors. These include; volunteer work at Children’s Hospital, undergoing very sophisticated and extensive surgical reconstruction myself, and lengthy and detailed discussions with many healthcare professionals, including the US’s leading orthopedic surgeon, and my father, who has a PhD in Molecular Genetics and has worked in healthcare for over forty years. Additionally, by far the most intriguing and interesting subjects in school, for me, have been the basic sciences, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy, the latter giving me appreciation for the complexity of the human body and its systems.
My passion and curiosity on these topics is what has driven me to pursue a scientific education at Mississippi State University specifically geared towards healthcare and the pre-med program. Participation in such program will allow me to investigate the issues mentioned above more thoroughly and how they can best be
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