Application Essay : Philosophy Of Nursing

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Application One: Philosophy of Nursing
The philosophy of nursing necessitates that nurses must have deep insights of the qualities and commitment they have vowed to possess and demonstrate in order to be effective care providers. Florence Nightingale established the foundation of the philosophy of nursing and was also the pioneer in the development of nursing theories. She has been a source of inspiration to nurses for many generations and serves as a guide to professionalism and competence. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the philosophy of nursing; highlighting its foundations and how they impact nursing practice, knowledge development, and finally, how positivism and post-positivism relate to nursing science, practice, and philosophy.
Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Bruce, Rietze, & Lim (2014) and Grove, Burns, & Gray, (2013) report that nurses are dedicated professionals with genuine interest for others, divine talent to understand the feelings of patients, and enhanced knowledge to promote the general welfare of people. This inclination reflects in their role as professionals and during their daily routine. Nurses must take upon the responsibility to continuously enhance their knowledge to promote change and to raise the standards of the health care system. Nursing is characterized by the following intrinsic qualities: Integrity, compassion, accountability, and professionalism (Bruce, Rietze, & Lim, 2014; Grove, Burns, & Gray, 2013). Integrity is essential in…

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