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“An anonymous Chinese official from the general office of China's public security ministry has told Boxun News, a citizen journalism site sourced by anonymous users, that the recent attacks against Japanese imported vehicles during anti-Japanese demonstrations in China was actually a business strategy launched by domestic vehicle producers. Even though the rioters who destroyed the Japanese vehicles were not arrested, they were secretly monitored by police, according to the official. These Chinese "patriots" apparently had some connection with the domestic mobile vehicle industry. The purpose of those domestic enterprise was to scare Chinese customers away from purchasing Japanese cars. Not all photos of Japanese vehicles being attacked…show more content…
2. What type of leader do they need to deal with such strategies? The type of leader they need is one who is willing to take risks in order to gain on the future. They need a leader that is both Analytical and a Human strategist. He demonstrates an ability to trace the right plan in order to achieve the desired ending product. He needs to delegate on the employees and explain to them which are the priorities, the company mission and vision, so they can better understand what they are as a company, what is to be done to achieve such goals, and how it is to be done. If no mission and vision are properly set then the company has no direction and is destined for failure. The leader should thrive to improve at every aspect each day, never settling in the comfort zone because that is the beginning of the end for many businesses, they think they are made and then all of a sudden they lower quality standards and their profits start to decline. 3. Do the Chinese domestic vehicle producers demonstrate they have an auto growth, mature or declining industry? The Chinese vehicle industry definitely is on a steady growth scenario allowing them to catch up to their competition on the industry, in which they are on their upstart. The Chinese auto maker industry is still behind their counterparts when it comes to the technology and the quality of their product. “At
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