Application Feedback On Student Performance

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The area that I have choice to complete my action research project on is giving specific written feedback on student written assignments will effect student performance on essay and test questions. I chose this area because of a professional development class I took last year, Assessment for Learning. I have been working on using rubrics and better assessments and using the formative assessment for planning my teaching. One of the areas that most of my students struggle with is writing, therefore I will focus this research action project on teaching my students how to be better writers. Using specific feedback on skills they did well on and skills they need to continue to work on, should help students focus on improving their writing. My research questions is :When given specific feedback that is positive and corrective, students will increase the quality of their writing assignments and therefore their grades. There is a lot of research on the topic of specific feedback. According to Black and William(2001), feedback should focus only on the quality of the work produced by the student and should not compare students to each other. This feedback should on goals the student can achieve; an individual guide for improvement. According to Stiggins (2007) students need to know the answers to several questions. Where am I at? Where am I going? As well as, how do I get there? Give specific written feedback on assignments can help students answer those questions. Stiggins
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