Application For Future College Graduates

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User: Future College Graduates Participants
Future College Graduates participants are minority male students who range in the age of 16 to 24 years old. Participants will most likely be first- generation college students and reside in the Detroit, Michigan area. Future College Graduates participants have aspirations and the aptitude to be successful in life, but need the guidance, resources, and a detailed blueprint that will assist them in reaching their life goals. The need for Future College Graduate participants include support that will allow participants to become confident leaders who will be able to obtain a college degree and live a life full of contentment. For this to occur Future College Graduates participants need to be exposed to different career opportunities, and positive mentors such as Future College Graduates Coaches, who will guide students in the areas of career development, academics, and social behavior. Future College Graduates participants also need to feel a connection with their community and receive strong specialized support from higher education institutions in regards to moving towards Future College Graduates participants’ monumental life goal of obtaining a college degree.

The most imperative goal for Future College Graduates is to increase the number of minority male young adults with college degrees. As a college access educator, I understand how rewarding it can be for students to be accepted to college and attend, but there is a…
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