Application For Small And Medium Sized Business Organizations

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Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction on Cloud Computing 2 2.0 Adoption for Small and Medium Sized Business Organizations 3 3.0 Service Models 4 3.1 IaaS 4 3.2 PaaS 4 3.3 Saas 4 4.0 Accounting Information Systems 5 5.0 QuickBooks Online 6 6.0 Features & Benefits 8 6.1 Availability 8 6.2 Cost Reduction 8 6.3 Data Backups 8 6.4 Scalability 9 7.0 Drawbacks, Risks & Limitations 10 7.1 Insecurity & Control 10 7.2 Service Performance 10 7.3 Accessibility 10 7.4 Data Lock-In and Transferability 11 8.0 Organizational Critical Success Factors 11 8.1 Technical Capabilities and Readiness 12 8.2 Top Management Support 12 8.3 Relational Capabilities 12 9.0 Conclusion 13 10.0 References 14 1.0 Introduction on Cloud Computing Along with the rise…show more content…
Lastly, future potentials of cloud computing are discussed and concluded. 2.0 Adoption for Small and Medium Sized Business Organizations The adoption of cloud computing services has been rapidly increasing over the past few years as business organizations continue to understand the superior benefits of the cloud based information system such as improvement in data accessibility, data analysis and manipulation, and streamlining of business processes (Zhygalova 2013). These benefits over the traditional system enables quicker and enhanced decision making for business organizations. Taylor et al. (2010) observes that according to Coda Research, companies will shift up to 20% of their IT spending to cloud services by 2015. Along with the development of information technologies, the accounting systems need to simultaneously evolve to support business processes. The traditional accounting systems are deemed to be inefficient and thus need to be adequately upgraded (Christauskas & Miseviciene 2012). There is a need for business organizations to adopt the latest information technologies available to keep up with competition. The transition from the traditional accounting system to the ‘cloud’ is a necessary one in particular to small and medium sized business organizations (SMBO). SMBOs are considered to be more flexible in terms of accepting changes in demand of technologies and thus

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