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With all the demands placed on associates — by partners, clients, families, friends, community work — how do develop your personal marketing and selling skills in order to build your book of business? The answer: You must have a plan. Here 's a road map (including abusiness plan worksheet) to help you design your own plan — today.
This article is excerpted from: The Law Firm Associate 's Guide to Personal Marketing and Selling Skills - By Beth M. Cuzzone and Catherine Alman MacDonagh, published by ABA Press.
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Each associate has vastly different needs depending on many variables, including years of practice, firm size, resources available and geographic region. In all situations, the time
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It is comprehensive, but you should feel free to choose the elements that are appropriate for your experience level, practice, firm size, comfort-zone, time you are willing to invest, personal and professional interests and so forth. In other words, consider the form a starting point that you can personalize for your own use.
Once you have planned your activities, lock in deadlines and other important dates on your calendar. When associates are just starting to work with administrative assistants, they sometimes overlook them as a valuable source of support and information. Ask yours to help keep you organized and efficient. Your assistant may also be well positioned to share suggestions and best practices that specifically apply to you.
The SMART Plan
We’ve all heard the phrase: “plan the work and work the plan.” Your individual business plan does not need to be some formal document, since substance is more important than form. However, your plan does need to contain “SMART” goals. SMART is an acronym that stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (sometimes the “T” stands for “tangible”).
Specific: In order to focus your efforts, you must first decide and then very clearly define what it is you are going to do. It sounds simplistic when you first think about it, but it can be difficult to actually do.
Your plan should address what you want to accomplish, what you are going to
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