Application Layer 7 Of The Osi Model

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RADIUS service: Description The RADIUS also known as Remote Authentication Dial-In Service, which takes place at the application layer also known as layer 7 of the OSI model. It is a protocol that is used to communicate to and from the NAS (Network Access Server) and also to the AAA server. RADIUS was developed as access server authentication and accounting protocol. It is used as both a client and server protocol that is also a software that allows remote access to servers to allow servers to communicate with the main server, by doing this it allows the server to authenticate dial-in users and allows authorised access to the services that was requested. RADIUS is an industry standard that is used by a various number of network product companies, it is also a proposed IETF standard. The RADIUS is known to be considered as a connectionless service How RADIUS works RADIUS server’s support 's various types of authentication methods to allow a user to have authenticated access, by using the user’s username and password. Some of these authenticated methods are the Point-to-point protocol (PPP), Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) or Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) and there are other methods of authentication that could be used with RADIUS. When a user tries to log in it sends a query – Access-Request from Network-attached Storage (NAS), the user will then be asked to submit their username and password, and the radius will then sent the username and password

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