Application Layer Protocol Called Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( Http )

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Application Layer

The next layer we will examine is the application layer. This is the topmost layer of the TCP/IP model and preforms the functions of the Application, Presentation and Session layers that are part of the OSI stack model. We are now squarely in the domain of software and applications. This is the layer that directly interfaces with the user. This layer helps top format and forward the users request for information, files or application execution and displays the resulting information supplied by the responding server.

When we think about the Web we are often talking about the information presented to us by a browser program that is using an application layer protocol called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This information may be in the form of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) files, regular text files, graphics, media files or various other types of information.
The typical web site that we are accustomed to viewing was most likely written in HTML. HTML is a special language developed to provide informational markers for software applications that will instruction the software application, how to present the information contained in the HTML file.

These documents are constructed in a particular format and a well-constructed very basic webpage should have the following structure:

The type of document public vs private for example. This section also lists the version of HTML that was used to create the document. This basically states that
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