Application Letter For A Permanent Resident Or Holding A Green Card

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I found your contact address from the Arizona Thai website and I called your phone and it went to your office in Oregon. I did set up the appointment to have a consultation with you on this coming Monday November 9th at 9am (your time) or noon my NY time. However, I think I should email you the information before the appointment so that you can tell me if I should hold the appointment that I 've set up with you or not. I live in NY and graduated my doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering, and am thinking of moving to Harvard soon. I got an offer from several universities including Columbia and Harvard and am in the process of making my decision. The good thing is that if I decide to go to Boston, I will also receive an NIH grant as an NIH fellowship that I applied for. However, to receive the NIH grant I need to be a permanent resident or holding a green card. So, I want to start the process asap. The professor who accepted me suggests me to apply for the green card through my husband asap so that I will know how long it takes. He said if the university sponsors me, it could take up to 2- 5 years and it would be too long for me if I want to accept the NIH fellowship. The huge problem is that I received Thai scholarship and I hold a J1 visa with 212E. So, when I tried to work thing out with the Thai government 's financial office, they said I need to pay in full to obtain the 'No Objection Letter '. The total amount of money I used in my doctoral study is about

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