Application Domain: Bolt Express

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Application Domain The assumed business in this project, named Bolt Express, provides a timely package delivery service for either temporary or long-term clients. There is a wide array of services provided, such as time and/or day definite (1 or more days), and standard. The system supports the dataflow behind these operations. It contains information regarding people and place that are relevant to the possession of the packages that clients send out. Both employees and clients are provided with real-time information for them to make decisions. Nowadays, “express delivery services have advanced greatly…with the use of information and communication technology products and services…The boom in the courier industry as a result of the increasing coverage of larger geographical areas which in turn increases the desire of people to transfer packages to their…clients and business partners has led to significant developments in the application of information technology to the courier industry” (Azeta, 2010). The database system designed for Bolt Express services is aimed at organizing their client information, order fulfillment, package tracking, discount involvement, employee management, and asset management. It collects and collates all the detailed information regarding the entire fulfillment process of the delivery service. The major groups served by this system are the management and office employees in this company to manage and track delivery orders and their deliverers. Its
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