Application Letter For Medical School

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It is with great pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Meera Kapadia’s application to medical school. Since the beginning, Meera has shown a strength in taking initiative toward her goals. She approached me her freshman year to join my lab even though most students do not join until later on in their college career. Her first project with us was working with the Mayo Clinic in order to decrease the risk of internal injury during catheterization by developing an advanced surgical guide wire that has the ability to become more rigid or flexible at key points along the length of the wire. She was working with a graduate student on this project, but tended to be the leader rather than the mentee! She took on problems from unique directions and demonstrated her innovation in finding solutions. This led me to giving Meera her own project during her sophomore year of college. Due to her singular background in chemical engineering and extensive knowledge of biology, she was one of three chosen to be trained in working with Electroactive Poly-Amidoamide Polymer, a nanoparticle, that theoretically could act as a cost effective way for producing electrochemical sensors for biochemical detection. For her honors thesis, which I have the honor of acting as director, she will be working to test the effectiveness of this material and instrumentalizing it within glucose sensors for diabetes patients. Meera is incredible to work with, highly motivated, intelligent, and
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