Application Letter For Service Quality

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Diploma in Health Services Management (DHSM) DHCS 303: Managing Service Delivery Submitted by: Maurice Tio (ID No. CIB00002T8) Tutor: Dr. Siham El-Kafafi Introduction In an organisation there is always a need for continual improvement especially in the quality of service being rendered to the costumers. Living up to the expectations of the costumers and exceeding that expectations will make your brand a sought after brand (Gage, 2013). In Adventist Medical Center (AMC), service quality is one of the most important trait. A trait that is generated from the top management and radiates to the lower level management. Service quality is for everyone in the organisation and should be delivered in the most professional way. AMC is a secondary hospital that offers from Outpatient care to patient admission from the Emergency room to in patient care, from operating room to recovery room, from the orthopaedic department to the rehabilitation department. Service Quality Service Quality is the comparison of a customer to a service by a person/company between the perception of what a service and the expectations of a customer. Different customers have different perceptions on what a good service and what a bad service. It is up to the company to satisfy every ones needs and expectations to have happy and contented customers (Oliver, 1997). Five Quality Dimensions: 1. Performance refers to the how an employee do a certain job whether he is doing good or below

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