Application Materials For The Assistant Professor Position

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Please accept my application materials for the Assistant Professor position advertised in the ____ employment exchange. I have arranged for my letters of recommendation, transcripts, professional references, and department evaluations to be sent directly to you if needed. Currently, I am a doctoral candidate in the department of Criminal Justice at the University of Louisville having completed all degree requirements but my dissertation. The program has provided many opportunities for me to gain research and teaching experience making me well-suited for this position. I am particularly interested in this position because of the opportunity to continue conducting quality research, teaching students, and serving the discipline of criminal justice at a well-respected University. My primary research interests include juvenile justice and delinquency, cybercrime, program evaluations, and criminological theory. Within these areas I am especially interested in the causes and correlates of juvenile substance abuse, online victimization, the effectiveness of programs designed to reduce and control crime, and the theory-driven understanding of such phenomena. For example, my coauthors and I recently published a test of primary socialization theory, an understudied and unique perspective related to the correlates of youth’s delinquent behavior, in the Journal of Substance Use. The results from this study indicated that association with substance-using peers and poor parental bonds were
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