Application Of A Career After High School

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Serena Tim English 12 CP Period 5 Mrs. Mennuti March 1, 2016 Obstetrics Nurse During the past four years people have asked me what I wanted to do for a career after high school. I always had an answer, but I always changed my career path. I knew that I wanted to go into health care, but I was never really certain on what field I wanted to go into. I am still uncertain on what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I think this research has helped me decide. There is one career in which I find interesting which is obstetric nursing. An Obstetrics nurse helps doctors with the care of pregnant mothers before and after birth. OB nurses usually help with preparing the delivery room, prepping the patients, preparing instruments, caring for…show more content…
However, even the most experienced mothers need a little guidance during this joyful, yet stressful, moments in their lives. At times, obstetric nurses will also help council and advise women who are trying to get pregnant. Women that are looking to get pregnant will often seek advice from obstetricians and obstetric nurses in private practices on how to prepare their bodies and minds for their pregnancies. Obstetric doctors and nurses will often work together to ensure that these women are as healthy as possible, give them advice on how to prepare both their bodies and minds, and educate them on fertility treatments and what to expect when they are expecting. If you’re looking to pursue a career as an obstetric nurse, you’ll first and foremost need to be passionate about women 's and infant health. You should have a vast knowledge of the female reproductive system, how it works, and its effects on an expecting mother’s body as a whole. Keep in mind, however, that although you’ll have the chance to witness the miracle of birth on a daily basis, this career isn’t all fun and rainbows. As an Ob nurse, you might work in a private OB/GYN practice, in a hospital or a woman’s health clinic. At the hospital, you could choose to specialize in gynecological cancer care or tend to pregnant and post-delivery patients and their
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