Application Of A Civic Engagement Project

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Identification: When deciding what topic I wanted to write for my Civic Engagement Project, I already had in mind that I wanted something that most of us are not use to seeing nowadays. Many of us compare courts with punishment, but what if there was a court that did the opposite? When I was starting my research on the different courts we have here in Florida, I came across Drug Courts. The more I read up on drug courts, the more I became fascinated and intrigued. Drug courts do not aim to "PUNISH”, but yet to provide treatment to drug abusers. This kind of court believes that everyone deserves a second chance, that extra push. During my research, I was interested in learning a few things. Such things I 'd like to learn about this kind of court are how it functions, what is its purpose and if it is successful.
It was 26 years ago in Miami Dade, Florida when the first drug court was established. The purpose for creating this drug court was due to the court rooms being flooded with these nonviolent offenders. Judges were repeatedly seeing the same faces for the same charge time after time. A group of justice professionals came up with a solution for this issue. The solution was to combine treatment with authority and structure of a judge. Ten successful years later, there were 492 drug courts. As of June 30, 2012 there were 2,743 drug courts operating in all US states and territory.
The mission of Drug Courts as per our textbook "is to provide…
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