Application Of A Civic Engagement Project

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Identification: When deciding what topic I wanted to write for my Civic Engagement Project, I already had in mind that I wanted something that most of us are not use to seeing nowadays. Many of us compare courts with punishment, but what if there was a court that did the opposite? When I was starting my research on the different courts we have here in Florida, I came across Drug Courts. The more I read up on drug courts, the more I became fascinated and intrigued. Drug courts do not aim to "PUNISH”, but yet to provide treatment to drug abusers. This kind of court believes that everyone deserves a second chance, that extra push. During my research, I was interested in learning a few things. Such things I 'd like to learn about this kind of…show more content…
Also because drug courts are 6 times more likely to keep the offender in the treatment program if they need more help to get better .According to the National Association of Drug Professionals statistics proved that 75 % of graduates become and remain arrest free for at least two years after leaving the program. Another neat finding was that individuals that have attended drug court have helped reduce the amount of crime by as much as 45% more than the common prison time punishment. As per our text book researchers noticed that there was a 33% reduction in rearrests rates for drug court graduates. According to New York times the annual average amount a taxpayer pays to keep an inmate locked up can range anywhere between $31 to $60 thousand dollars without drug court, as opposed to paying $2 to $5 thousand dollars by allowing these drug abusers to go through the drug court system. So as you can see, drug courts are beneficial all around. Drug courts saves time and money that could be used in more serious areas meanwhile help an addict drop their addiction. According to the National Drug Court Resource Center there are 2,966 operating drug courts in the United States. Of those drug courts there are 1,538 Adult drug courts of which 436 of them are Hybrid DWI/Drug Courts, 433 Juvenile Drug Courts,303 Family Treatment Courts,119 Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts,6 Campus Courts,242
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