Application Of A Client Or Patient Information

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Over the years technology has become more involved in our everyday living and to the human service field is more efficient. From electronic filing of a client or patient information puts the information at the fingertips of all involved in the care of each. Before computers, clients or patients files were hard copies that only a few people within that organization had access. Technology changed this by creating software, which stores all information on the client or patient. Everyone within the organization can have access to these files. The software is used to track client or patient services. With all things, there are pros and cons. Depending on the size of the organization, can have a deciding factor on which software the organization will use for the filing of a client or patient information. The following will discuss two types of software created for this purpose and explain how it is used, the pros to centralize electronic clients records and human services resources and the cons of each software and how the size of the organization determines which software it will use. These two software names are Client Track and Apricot. Client Track is one of the leading software applications that’s designed as a solution to advance the missions of health, human and social service organizations. Client Track is highly configurable and designed to gather, use and report client information with ease. Client Track helps organizations improve efficiency in day-to-day tasks, such
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