Application Of A Client 's Investing Lifecycle

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Often times when I am meeting with clients it may appear that I am talking out of both sides of my mouth. This for the most part is true. Most of my clients are near or in retirement and I spend a bulk of my consulting discussing the proper investment strategies for the Distribution Phase of a client’s investing lifecycle. Some clients I have the privilege of complementing them on doing a great job during their Accumulation Phase. They have plowed away into retirement accounts and built up nice sized emergency funds so the Distribution Phase will be less intimidating. Others on the other hand I must inform them that if they want to maintain their current standard of living they must do one of two things; continue working or save a lot more while they are still working.

Our society seems to be getting more and more myopic as the years go by. I find myself in the same situation, always wanting the latest and greatest gadget or the new shiny car. We seem to be a society focused on instant gratification as opposed to the long-term. This is likely the reason nearly 36% of Americans have nothing saved for retirement. We cannot think this is something new. Americans in the 1920’s were in the same situation. Most had nothing saved and lived off of credit with the mindset it could continue forever, or at least as long as they lived. We don’t read much about the “Roaring 20’s” since they were the precursor to the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The generation that…
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