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It is said that one-third of all Internet users visit a site or application powered by Amazon Web Service. As a developer leveraging the AWS, I had my fair share of questions. How secure is my critical data? Is the system fault-tolerant? How much control do I have over the infrastructure? How do the people in Amazon overcome the technical challenge of maintaining such a massive infrastructure? These questions kindled my curiosity in Cloud Computing. This curiosity has led me from hosting a static website in S3 for fun, to working on creating full-scale dynamic web applications that cater to thousands of scientists on a daily basis. I have a passion for developing software applications and using them as a tool to serve people. It is with…show more content…
During the final year of my undergraduate degree course, I was the only one from my college to get the coveted internship opportunity at Siemens Corporate Research and Technology, Bangalore, where I worked under the guidance of Mr. Tushar Sharma, Technical Expert. During this internship, my primary responsibility was to build Augur, a software Change Impact Analysis (CIA) tool that helps in predicting the impacts of a proposed change in a project during refactoring with the help of a Unified Dependency Graph (UDG). The tool went beyond predicting data and control dependencies, taking into account environmental and structural dependencies. The analysis did not depend on historical data and was possible for different source-code entities at all abstraction levels. The tool was tested by some internal teams and received positive feedback and they appreciated its efficacy. The time I spent working on this internship was invaluable in many ways. The numerous codebases I went through understanding their underlying design, how they incurred technical debt, how it affected the refactoring process and the overall code quality gave me a good understanding and a fresh perspective about programming in the real-world and laid a strong foundation for my software development career. I learnt here the level of consistency and dedication required to get the desired results. As my internship was in a corporate
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