Application Of A Good Therapist Essay

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C. What applied clinical problem would you most like to focus on in your PsyD studies and in the PsyD Clinical Psychology dissertation/doctoral project? Tell us something about your knowledge of the relevant theory and concepts, research, and the application of that scholarship to clinical practice. My definition of a good therapist is someone who desires to improve the quality of people’s lives and enable an individual to function more effectively in society by encouraging personal growth. One area where I see a definitive need for this is in the military. The clinical problem I am most interested in addressing during the course of my program is the effective application of therapeutic treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the military population. When you look at this issue from a military perspective, it becomes clear that our understanding and treatment of the issue is still in its infancy. A service member’s emotional and psychological issues are not like malfunctions of a piece of equipment and must not be treated as a troubleshooting problem in a technical manual. And yet this seems to be the only way the military, as a whole, knows how to address the issue of a service members mental health. It requires a holistic approach that is not currently embraced by the military. Historically, the military has been ill-equipped to handle the shifting nature of the psychological issues created by introducing a service member to the battlefield. During World
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