Application Of A Handwriting From A

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Abstract : The Objective of this project is to recognise english handwriting from a given document image. In this report we have used 40point feature extraction to extract pattern from the characters and then use this data to train artificial neural network.This system is very successful in recognition of handwritten characters. Hence this system will be suitable to convert handwritten text into text document. Introduction : Optical Character Recognition is one of the most researching field in recent years. It has numerous applications in the field of automation and advancement of machine interface with man. Handwritten recognition is one of the challenging and fascinating area for research in Optical Character Recognition. Online and Offline are two modes for handwritten recognition. In Offline method, writing is captured by scanner and final text is formed. The data formed from 40point feature extraction is used to feed artificial neural network to train it and produce more accurate result. Several applications such as document reading, mail sorting, postal address recognition and bank processing require offline handwritten recognition. As a result, offline method is very active area for research for more accurate solutions. In this project we used english alphabet characters to train artificial neural network and test its accuracy of character recognition. Previous Works : In recent years, many research papers have been published in the field of optical character
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