Application Of A Mobile App

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Contents Introduction 3 Programmes I am going to use and why 4 Size I will make my game and why 4 How to develop a mobile app 5 Example games 5 Health and safety 5 Diagram of the game I am aiming to produce 5 Planning 6 How I am going to research 6 How I will evidence it 6 Colours in Python 6 How I will break down each task 7 Algorithm 9 Continued… 11 Analysis for algorithm: 11 Continued 12 Test table 13 Programming 16 Creating Canvas 16 Creating ball class 17 Adding movement 18 Adding Paddles 20 Adding second paddle 21 Adding movement to the paddle 22 Hitting the paddle 23 Problems adding drain 24 Adding the drain 25 Problems with hitting the drain 26 Hitting the drain 27 27 Problems with Adding targets 28 Continued… 29 Adding targets 30 Positioning the ball 32 32 32 . 32 Adding instructions 33 Adding score system 33 34 34 Proof that the scoring system works. 34 Code efficiency 35 Data structures 35 Robustness within my code 35 Evaluation 36 What have I been asked to do? 36 What went well? 36 What did not go well? 37 What will I do fix this? 37 Improvements 37 References 38 Introduction I have been asked by AQA, to develop an arcade game that can be played on a mobile device. The aim of the game I have been asked to produce is to score as many points as possible by getting a ball to come in contact with targets on the screen. First of all, I will create instructions that will appear on the screen for a short period of time. After that, the ball will start at the
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