Application Of A Mobile Application Essay

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The main aim of behind development of this system is to provide a mobile application that can provide the exact location of bus to parents/students so the waiting time will be reduced and it also provides the chatting application through which parents can get the exact idea of the student progress. Also provide the best mobile application to learn something and want to know something innovative and for the School Environment. 4.4.2. Can the system be implemented using the current technology and within the given cost and schedule constraints? o The system can be easily implemented using existing technology. The technology used is Android which is user friendly and freeware. functionality that system provides the cost of developing the application does not matter. o Taking the schedule constraints in consideration the time available is approximately 9 months. The time period is enough to develop the system. 4.4.3. Can the system be integrated with other system which is already in place? Yes, the system can be integrated with other system which is already in place. If other system wants to use our functionality it can be easily integrate. 4.5 REQUIREMENT VALIDATION A requirements validation is concerned to check whether the requirements actually define the system, which the customer wants? Requirements validation is important because errors in requirements document can lead to extensive rework costs when they are subsequently discovered. We have performed the

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