Application Of A Mobile Crm

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Records all sales interactions, therefore, you quickly know what you need to know when someone calls you Who is this person? When did we last speak? What did we discuss? How many times we have talked before? Has anyone else talked to this person? What did they talk about? What is supposed to happen next? All communication history details entered into the CRM thereby other sales people can pick up whenever or whatever reasons a salesperson leaves the company or remained out of office for a longer period. A mobile CRM provides sales people with immediate access to relevant information they need to serve the customer or make a sale. They can log calls, respond to prospects as well as customer queries if needed, then by communicating with any…show more content…
Nothing gets forgotten, and it simply works hassle less. For sales people, CRM can be a complete repository of customer information, sales tracking, service tracking, issue resolution, products, calendar/reminders, knowledge base and such other tools necessary to carry out their everyday jobs effectively and efficiently. CRM systems help your team to collaborate therefore they could have real-time conversations and share information and documents to help each other. Sales managers can set goals, benchmarks or Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by working along with the team and with CRM you can have real-time tracking of progress towards them. The team can see the bigger picture. With CRM, you can assign leads and clients to the appropriate sales person. Therefore everyone has clarity as well as ownership regarding what exactly he or she supposed to do at each stage. They can avoid an embarrassing scenario where one staff contacted a lead, and another staff contacts the same lead. A sales manager can at a glance see the state of each and every deal hence he/she can help or intervene to progress it further. By implementing a CRM solution you can automate time-consuming, but important, tasks such as scheduled reporting, sales appointments, sending the follow-up letters and emails, tracking contacts and updating sale opportunities. Meeting preparation time would be decreased. You can reduce paperwork considerably, and productivity of your team will be increased. Your team
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