Application Of A Mobile Operating Systems

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2. Review of Literature Security has been improved recently but still there are flaws. Reasons are: a) most attacks are nowadays publicly announced and describes in detail on internet, b) vendor’s attempt to offer backward compatibility which leaves open old weaknesses in the system. Mobile Operating Systems Mobile operating systems combination of personal computer and managing all hardware and optimizes. Many mobile operating systems can be seen in the market but two famous mobile systems now days are iPhone operating system (iOS) and Android. a. iOS iOS derived from OS X that share by darwing foundation [1]. iOS mainly used for the iPhone and iPad manufactured by Apple. There are 4 abstraction layers in iOS which are Core Services Layer, Media Layer, Core OS Layer and Cocoa Touch Layer. Core OS layer lies on the hardware and is the bottom layer. This layer function is to provide services including low level network access to external accessories and common operating system such as handling file system and memory management policy. Media layers contain audio, video and graphics geared towards creating the best multimedia experience on mobile device. Technology layer is for the ease of application builders that would look great. Cocoa Touch layer define the basic infrastructure and to support multitasking, touch based input, push notification and many high level notifications. This is the key framework for building iOS application. Figure 2 Study of Security in Legendary
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