Application Of A Penetration Testing Against `` My House Lab ``

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Chapter 3: Practical test
“My House lab” Scenario.
For this coursework I have decided to perform a penetration testing against “My House lab”, to evaluate and improve my WLAN Infrastructure security.
The scenario that I had examined is a WLAN Infrastructure Network using a Virgin Media Super Hub (Netgear) , with more than 10 devices connected .

Looking on the internet about the router model I own I could make an interesting discovery. I found an article written by an expert in computer security, Paul Moore, dating back to March 2014(Paul Moore,2014). This guy, a year ago, had found a flaw inside the super hub of VirginMedia. Indeed reboot the router took 1 minute to start well, and in this minute for seven seconds was able to access the WiFi network without the need for key. Fortunately Paul contacted the Virgin who in turn contacted the Netgear to try to resolve the issue with the release of a new firmware.
Now the problem is resolved,however is an interesting issue happened, because sometimes, our security depends not only on us and what we can do to protect it and keep it. Sometimes there may be larger obstacles, as in this case an error of firmware that we can circumvent but not eliminate (until the company responsible is not able to patch it).

I adopted different steps to performing penetration testing that is effective in testing how well the “My House lab”is secure. I have used different softwares such as NMap , Wareshark,

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