Application Of A Personal Computer

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This customized personal computer is built from the processor up to meet this specific customer’s desires. All components were analyzed and compared to all top-of-the line devices on the market today. Numerous hours were spent reading all customer reviews for each suggested item to ensure they were of the best. All identified requirements are clearly met in this personal computer build. Due to the customer having small children and protecting the system from accidental damage the Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced - High Air Flow Full Tower Computer Case was selected. Over 2,800 reviews rated this case as 5 egg or star on the newegg website. This case has many benefits over the leading full form factor cases. In addition to the following specifications: Steel case, motherboard type of ATX, five 5.25” drives, five 3.5” drives, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, 1394a, and seven expansion slots; the enhance High Air Flow structure will ensure high performance. The Rosewill power supply was the recommended power supply to accompany this case; it is a 750-Watt power supply with a silent fan. With it’s various connectors (24pin main board, four PCIe, eight SATA, 4 molex, and one floppy) it will provide for any future additions the customer may decide to implement. The ATX motherboard that was selected fits the above case as it is also of the ATX form factor. The features that are included with this motherboard will be discussed with the following components: CPU, Memory, Ethernet, Audio, Storage,…
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