Application Of A Raspberry Pi

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Everyday all over the world thousands of dollars are wasted by people forgetting or not knowing that they have left their lights on. As a person who enjoys fixing problems I set out to design a product to fix this problem. Before I explain the things, I have researched I should probably explain my product itself. My product consists of a Raspberry Pi, light sensor, another circuit, and multiple components for visual purposes and for voltage reading. As most of the parts for this have already been made and are compatible with the Raspberry Pi, most of my product consist of costume made coding. The first thing I researched was the Raspberry Pi as it is the main component of this product. A Raspberry Pi is basically a single board computer with all the same components as a normal computer, but just much smaller. The main coding language that is used on a Raspberry Pi is Python (that is what language we decided to go with). Finding out that a Raspberry Pi is just a tiny computer I decided the next step would be to research the parts of a computer to fully understand how the Raspberry Pi would be handling the data sent to it by the modules. The first main part of a computer is the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The Central Processing Unit takes the data, numbers, and information given to the computer and processes it in to data that the other parts of the computer can use. The easiest way to describe it is as the “brains” of the computer as it basically does the same thing as our
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