Application Of A Software Development Model

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Introducing RSDM into an organization 1.0 Introduction The value of software in meeting the expected objectives depends on how it is designed. A good software design in an enterprise should be based on quality. Designing and implementing the software system with the potential customers in mind is one way of ensuring quality in this case. The Robust software Development Model (RSDM) can be used for the purpose of defining trustworthy software as repetitive stages in the development process. The Robust development Model works by recognizing the infrastructure, the financial position, the customer needs as well as the leadership system of support of an enterprise that are deemed fruitful for the implementation of Design for Trustworthy …show more content…

This top management team together with the CEO has the responsibility of examining the state of their preparedness in an attempt to start on such an initiative. The entire exercise offers a chance to consider the major challenges of an enterprise before staring the implementation process of DFTS (Schwalbe 2013) The management team must thus be committed in the whole implementation process given that it can be extremely challenging if the relevant competency together with the enterprise leadership is not incorporated. The challenge comes in since the tools, approaches and the principles of design for trust software are comparatively simple but at the same time are not simple to implement. It is the desirable traits of leadership that can help in getting the best from the individuals and groups that take part in the development and implementation of robust software. The enterprise leadership or management team is also very significant in inspiring on personal level especially in small enterprises and small teams for software development (Garton and Erika 2012). 2.1 Introduction of the enterprise extensive learning The first step of activity in letting an enterprise to use Robust Software Development Model is the introduction of the enterprise extensive learning. The enterprise extensive learning is significant in the building of foundations for constant learning and enhancement.

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