Application Of A Virtual Office Technology Installed

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Executive summary This project’s client is a NUS law firm which is based on New York. The law firm wants a Virtual Office technology installed. I am the project manager for this company. The main reason the firm is looking to install this technology is because their employees are interested in working from home so that they can spend some quality time with their family and also reduce some expenses incurred by them instead of working long hours from the office which is also beneficial for the company. The virtual office is based on the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. The law firm is interested in using this technology for extranet purpose and not to be used within the company. Thus allowing their employees to work either…show more content…
This is because even a small breach can bring some serious legal ramification. Project Charter a. Project Objectives The main purpose for installation of virtual office is that it would eliminate the need for the employees of the company to be at the office at all times instead it allows their employees to work from anywhere they want. The other important objective of the project is to make sure that the company’s clients are satisfied with the customer service provided by the company which could lead to increase the number of clients who would be using the company’s services on top of the already existing clientele. b. Initial Scope of the project The project would include distribution of company laptops with the proprietary software to the employees. It would not include a company phone or token based system to login but instead separate login information would be assigned to each of the laptop which would be unique for each of the laptops given to maintain privacy and security. The project would be more focused on the on how secure the VPN technology is and not the costs associated with the project. c. Project Vision The project’s ultimate aim is to provide an excellent working environment for its employees to increase their productivity and also at the same time to decrease some the expenses incurred by the company
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