Application Of A Web Server

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Web server is needed because it’s a hardware that stores web pages and distribute it to the internet. Without a web server, the customers can’t access your web pages if its not distributed to the internet. Computer is obviously is needed or how can you access your own websites or make it, let alone make any changes. Computer system is now a broad category that now stems from desktop, laptop, smartphone, multimedia device 's and so on. It can be accessed by any computer device but to make changes, its best to use a desk top for better use of the system when editing a website. External hard drive is the largest type of external storage. Extra storage can be very useful ,it can be used as an backup storage like if the system crashes.…show more content…
Web and Mail server is crucial to maintain e-commerce business. Though its mainly hardware, it can be done in software as well. Web authoring tools is a software that is used for designing and presenting web pages. It is based on some version of HTML and Java, it increases the look, the feel and the use of a webpage. Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the best web designing software that has a lot of feature for a web authoring tool. It is needed for e-commerce because you need this software to design the webpage want. TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is one of the core protocols of the Internet protocol suite (IP), it’s the main communication protocols that used to connect host on the internet. It uses lot of protocols but the two main is TCP and IP, it’s so common that it can be linked together as TCP/IP (combined term). Protocols is a set of rules that governs the communication and the use of the internet (networks). They follow the rules that is introduce by highest authority of the internet (world government); such as data transfer speed, cabling types and hardware us and so on. The protocol includes the programme requirements of the computer such as firewall, security programme (anti-virus), file sharing and more. Computer Ports is a port that allow connection with output devices. It is important as well because all computer must have all common feature as an de facto standard (standards of a computer). Theses standards include usb ports, cd
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