Application Of Accounting Information Systems

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Introduction The application of Accounting Information Systems has become widespread among enterprises in Australia due to improved affordability and efficiency resulting from their technical power. The vendors have moved from desktop systems to cloud accounting, and it has led to a challenge of selection and implementation to customers and users. This paper offers a synthesis of literature on AIS in Australia, its history, development, and adoption, analysis of the current market size and how the leaders in the market have managed to carve out their competitive advantage. There are also gaps in the sector, in particular for customers. Hence the paper also provides recommendations.
At the beginning of computerization, accounting software was automated and mainly included modules such as accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable and the general ledger. McMickle (1989) provides that accountants were the only professionals who first used IT-related systems. Late in the 1970s, increase technical accounting issues led to the use of technical assistants who developed and maintained AIS for organizations resulting in the emergence of the system information sector within accounting. In the 1990s, resources-events-agents (REA) were initiated and with database technology advancement, new accounting models emerged (Walker and Denna, 1997). AIS could capture data which sometimes was not financial related accounting hence REA led to applications for detailed business…
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