Application Of An Android App

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Introduction In order to fulfil the task presented, which was to create an android app which displays a university campus map – with clickable buildings showing the available computers in the building while also having buttons for reserving a computer. In addition to being able to cancel a reservation, and alter the number of computers available dependant on reserving or cancelling reservations. To do this I have to plan the procedure I will take while coding it using the AppInventor program. First of all I need to gather all of the required pre-requisites to the task, such as the university campus map. Next I need to design the graphical user interface (GUI) of the program, this includes the sizes of the buttons, arrangement of components…show more content…
I implemented this into my app in order to make the UI more organised like this: After this, I needed to find a method of displaying an image as I needed to display a campus map image for task 2. I found a YouTube video3 showing this. The steps taken were to upload an image file using the upload file button, place a canvas – and re-arrange the size, then change the “background image” to the uploaded photo in the properties tab. My end product looked like this: In order to complete task 2 I would need to find a suitable method for interacting with the image, resulting in specific behaviour when an area of the image is pressed. This would have been needed as the specification for the app would be the user touching the building desired, then the computers available would be displayed. My first place to look for a solution was by browsing the appinventor documentation4 . In the documentation I found the description of a “ball”, described as “A round 'sprite ' that can be placed on a Canvas, where it can react to touches and drags interact with other sprites”. This suited my requirements and so I had to find out how to use this sprite. By simply searching in the designer I found the location of the ball sprite, however I could not place it. After re-reading the MIT documentation I discovered it had to be placed over an image sprite, and so I placed an image sprite and then after a ball, and it placed. Once
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