Application Of An Enterprise Architecture

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Introduction Most organizations have different types of systems that have been implemented and being used for different purposes over the year of their operations. In this day and age, technologies seem to change rapidly with executives and managers finding it difficult to get a pictorial view of the existing systems whenever a new system is being implemented. The primary purpose of an enterprise architecture is to integrate the Information Technology (IT) assets across different departments of an organization and in order to create blueprints that will define the current organizational structure and the targeted structure. There are a couple of system development models among which is the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SDLC is a model widely used in the development of information systems. Following this introduction, research questions are presented followed by a discussion on what an enterprise architecture is, why it is important to adopt an enterprise architecture and what benefits it adds to organizations that implements it. SDLC and its phases are also discussed in this paper. Finally, the paper concludes with an analysis section and URL section.
Research Questions
1. What is an Enterprise System Architecture?
2. Why adopt an Enterprise System Architecture?
3. What are the problems solved when an Enterprise System Architecture is adopted?
4. What is the System Development Life Cycle?

Enterprise Architecture According to Gao (2010), enterprise…
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