Application Of An Erp System Vendor For Their Running Business

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I’ve been selected as an IT specialist to consult a small manufacturing firm that is planning to choose an ERP system vendor for their running business. The firm has three hundred employees spread across the US America, Canada, Australia and Europe.

This report will describe all the suggestions and advice related to the small manufacturing company, and will include all the details of deploying ERP system solutions and the most efficient solutions for this small businesses.

The IT software retailer chosen for this case report includes Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and SAP.

Requirement 1: The business functional areas their product supports.

Microsoft Dynamic developed by Microsoft is a software application company comprises
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SAP mainly provides marketing, sales, and service professionals with complete customer intelligence to manage relationships and customer-related processes. Which help businesses to simplify the way of running the business smoothly by increasing the number of clients, which leads increases the profit and expands the market.

Oracle Company provides of Enterprise Resources Planning software. Oracle E-Business Suite is a software solution for SMBs and enterprises. The central platform services that they offer are SMB and Oracle ERP Cloud solutions.
Oracle provides services for global business applications, which enable businesses to make better decisions, decrease the expenses, and increase performance. Oracle system applications help customers to control and manage the difficulties of global business environments, providing a secure suite of financial and performance management supported by Cloud Services.

Microsoft Dynamics line of products for enterprise resource planning focused primarily on medium-sized businesses with a simple corporate structure and production system of various complexities. Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides tools for managing the organization (supply chain, procurement and personnel management, finance, project collaboration, and others). The line of products includes the four primary products: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft

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