Application Of An Xml Representation For Source Code Using The Srcml Format

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For my Honors Research Project, I wrote a GUI application that converts and displays source code using the srcML format. The srcML format is an XML representation for source code, where the markup tags identify elements of the abstract syntax for the language.
As the name implies, the goal for srcMX is to promote the manipulation and exploration of source code. Currently, source code can be converted to the srcML format using the srcml command line tool. However, this requires the user to view the results using an external application. The srcMX application is the first to allow users to convert source code the the srcML format and view the results. In addition, my application also provides users with the ability to visualize query results.
The srcMX application consists of several modular views. At the top, the main toolbar contains a variety of controls. Here, the user can add files to the project, toggle the visibility of application views, and browse through the history of opened files. The main toolbar also contains a large status bar that displays information about the project. To the right, a slider controls the visibility of srcML tags in the code viewport.
New files can be added to a project by expanding the drop down button in the main tool bar. This opens a window that allows the user to specify the type of file he or she wishes to add. Like the srcML command line tool, srcMX can accept individual files, directories containing multiple files, compressed archives…
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